Best Bowling Shirts & Accessories For Men 2018

The Professional Bowling Accessories For Men You Need To Have

There are a lot of bowling accessories on the market that you should consider getting.  Of course, not all of the accessories that are on the market will actually help your game.  It is important to know which accessories you should be considering and which the professionals will use.


A Protective Bowling Ball Bag

The first accessory that you need to get when you become serious about the game is a bowling ball bag.  The bag will help to protect your bowling ball from damage and provide you with somewhere to store your other accessories.  It is possible to get a soft sling bag or a hard shell bag that has a padded interior.  The hard shell bags are considered better because they will provide more protection for your ball.

A Bowling Ball Towel

A bowling ball towel is actually a very useful accessory and one that you need to look at.  Many professionals use a microfiber cloth as a towel because of the absorption rates.  The towel will be used throughout the game to clean the bowling ball and hands.

Using a microfiber towel will ensure that you remove the oil, dust, and sweat from the ball and hands.  This will ensure that the ball grips the lane surface correctly and allows you to bowl with greater accuracy.  The ideal size for this towel will be 15 by 25 inches because smaller towels will not clean everything and larger towels will be difficult to handle.

Bowling Supports

Bowling supports are important because they will help protect you from injuries.  There are many people who find that supports will also help them improve their game.  These supports will help the fingers, elbow, and wrist which are the parts of the body most affected by bowling.

These supports are generally flexible and soft stockings which fit the joint snugly.  Wrist supports are often placed under a wrist brace to protect the skin and provide greater comfort during the game.  They can also provide additional protection if you have injured the wrist in the past.

Bowling Grips

Holding a bowling ball is not always the most comfortable and a bowing grip will be able to help with this.  The grip will allow you to improve your bowling action which will ensure better accuracy.  You will also be less likely to suffer an injury when using a bowling grip because of the comfort and support that it provides.

Bowling Shirts

And the last element in the list is bowling shirts. Whatever you wear to a bowling alley is important, clothes have to be comfortable, not limiting your movement and stylish. Tournaments have specific dress codes so that’s a more complex topic, but if you are a casual bowling player, then dressing in funny bowler shirts can be a great idea, especially if you like to bowl with your friends and family!