Exploring New Ideas on Health in the 21st Century

Is A Wealthy South America A Healthy South America?

At Health in Latin America, our primary concern is the health and longevity of the nation, and it is interesting to observe how our economic health and well-being corresponds with our the health of our bodies. For many while increased americanisation or globalisation, does bring increased medical skills, medicines and know how that can and will extend our lives, on the other hand they also bring a much greater reliance on fast and convenient food that is loaded with sugars and preservatives, increased stress in the workplace, and a much greater expectation that we swap all our waking hours for a job, and live our job.

Life and in particular a healthy life is about nurturing and respecting a balance in our lives where we have time to work, and time not to work, time to prepare our own food, and time to eat that food, and time to enjoy rest and relaxation with our families. We respectfully recommend that you ignore this balance at your peril.